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Antoine was born in 1956 in Le Havre, France and lives and works in Paris.

  • 1982 - Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression

  • 1984 -1985 Pensioner at the Académie de France in Rome

  • 1987 - Laureate of the Leonardo da Vinci Research and Creation Grant, for Mexico and Brazil, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 1990 - Training in New Image Technologies (CNAP)

  • 1992 - Incentive fund grant for the creation of the National Center of Plastic Arts, for the Portraits of Personalities project


His avant-garde artistic work, questioning the pictorial and chemical limits of photography has made him known all over the world and has opened the doors of the most prestigious photographic institutions as well as Crazy-Horse cabaret and the Zingaro equestrian theater.

Antoine has published numerous books and carried out numerous exhibitions in France, Russia, the United States, Europe and Japan.


1984-1985 - Residency, French Academy in Rome, Italy

(Grant from Villa Médicis).

1987 – Grant from the « Bourse de Recherche et de Création Léonard de Vinci », for Mexico and Brazil,

by Ministry of foreign affair.

1992 - Grant from the Creative Development

by «  Centre National des Arts Plastiques ».


- National Found of Contemporary Art, France

 - Regional Found of Contemporary Art, Haute Normandie, France

 - Regional Found of Contemporary Art, d’Ile de France, France

 - Fine art museum André Malraux of Le Havre, France

 - Fine art museum of Aurillac, France

 - Museum of Modern Art of city of Paris, France

 - Art Library of Toulouse, France

 - Les abattoirs, Toulouse, France

 - Art Center of Le Havre, France

 - National Library, Paris, France

 - European House of Photography, Paris, France

 - Deposit and consignment office of Picardy, France

 - Agnès B, France

 - Chanel K.K., Japon

 - Metropolitain Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japon

 - Kasama Nichido Museum, Ibaraki, Japon

 - Kawaguchiko Museum, Yamanashi, Japon

 - Musée Nicholson, Université de Sydney, Australia

 - Chengdu contemporary image museum, Chengdu, China

 - Private collections


"I am concerned about the very etymology of the term photography, it is a question of painting, to draw, so the notion of author remains central in my work, if I chose the photographic medium, it is to deconstruct his mechanical character, reintroducing the part of the artist who uses light as a pictorial material. The monotypes that I realize undergo various treatments, which make them unique but while reinforcing their photographic specificity.  I act with chemistry as a painter with its palette, this one is always the receptacle (the revealer) of the light with
which I draw. "  Antoine Poupel



- Torture Garden, Festival «Are you experencing», Le Havre - Pole Spirit Paris


- Polka Gallery Factory, Paris

- Castle of Fère, Fère-en-Tardenois


- National choreographic Center « Le phare », Le Havre, France

- Festival «Are you experencing», Guest of Honor, Le  Havre

Photography Museum, Guest of Honor of 20 years, Graçay

Media Library, Martigues


- Nichido gallery, Paris, France

- La Galerne, « Répétitions », festival Art you Experencing, Le Havre

- French Ambassy, Buenos Aires, Argentine

 - Opéra, « Répétitions », Rouen


- Jeanmichelberlin gallery, Berlin, Germany

- Gare de Lyon, Paris

- Gallery &co119, Paris

- Diesel shibuya, geneto the wall, Tokyo, Japon

- Galerie Jeanmichel, Pirmasens, Germany

- Rochexpo, Zingaro, La Roche-sur-Foron, France



- Les champs libres, Rennes, France


- Art Works Paris-Seoul Gallery, Séoul, South Corea

- Les champs libres, Rennes, France

- Sakurado gallery, Tokyo, Japon

- Emilie Dujat Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

- AS2, Geneto, HUB Kyoto, japon

- Maëlle gallery, Paris


- Grenier à sel, Honfleur, France

- Konnô Hachiman Jinja, Tokyo, Japon


- Maëlle Gallery, Paris, France

- Dufay/Bonnet galery, Paris, France

- White House, Luxembourg


- Gallery 48, Lyon, France

- Gallery « l’amour de l’art », Paris, France


- Gallery Espace 54, Paris, France

- Zingaro, Aubervilliers, France


- European House of Photography, Paris, France

 - Gallery Francoise Paviot, Paris, France


- Gallery White Room, AC salon, Tokyo, Japon

- Dexia, Tokyo, Japon


- Nexus Hall, Chanel, Tokyo, Japon

- Zingaro, Hong Kong Cultural center, China

-« Promenades Photographiques », Vendôme, France

 - Gallery Akié Arrichi, Paris, France



- Zingaro, Aubervilliers, France


- Tokyu departement store, Tokyo, Japon

- Gallery A B, Paris, France



- Museum “red brick” de Yokohama, Japon

- Museum Kasama Nichido, Ibaraki, Japon

- French Institut, Tokyo, Japon



- Gallery A Taste of Art, New York, U.S.A

- « Cité internationale des Arts », month of photography, Paris, France


- Museum Kasama Nichido, Ibaraki, Japon

- Museum Kawa guchiko, Yamanashi, Japon

- Ongaku-Do, Kanazawa, Japon

- Gallery Nichido, Tokyo, Japon

- « Pour Annick », Tokyo, Japon

- Gallery Nichido, Fukuoka, Japon

- Month of photography of Dieppe, France


- « Cité Internationale des Arts », Paris (catalogue), France

- Gallery Nichido, Paris, France

- Month of photography of Dieppe, France

- National Library of Saint Petersbourg, Russia

- Photography Museum, Moscou, Russia

- Metropolitain Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japon


- Gallery Francoise Paviot, Paris, France

- Museum of the history of Saint Petersbourg, Russia


- Zingaro, New York, U.S.A.

 - Conference Hall, Paris, France


 - « Le Volcan », Le Havre, France

-  Saga, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris, France

- Contemporary Art Center Paul Ricard, Paris (catalogue),France

-  University of Amiens (catalogue), France


 - Zingaro, Aubervilliers (catalogue), France


 - Photographic Center of « Ile de France »,  Pontault Combault (cat), France


- National Assembly, Paris, France

- « Cité internationale des Arts », Month of Photography, Paris, France


- Contemporary Art Center of Rouen, France

- « Hopital Ephémère », Paris, France


 - Art Center of Le Havre, (catalogue), France


 - Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France


- Académy of fine arts, Léningrad, U.R.S.S

- Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

- French Institut, Mexico, Mexico


- Art Center of Le Havre, France (catalogue), France


- Fine art museum André Malraux of Le Havre, France

 - Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France


- Gallery Rondanini, Roma, Italia

- Villa Médicis, Roma, Italia (catalogue)

- Gallery Studio 666, Paris, France


- Gallery Studio 666, Month of photography, Paris, France


- Catalog «Images 1982-1985», with texts of Jean Claude

  Bélégou, Michel Nuridsany, Marie Domitille Porcheron.            In annexe, catalog «Travaux antérieurs réalisés au Havre


- Catalog «Images et Hommages 1986-1987», with texts of 

  Giuseppe Cannilla, Christian Gattinoni, Marie Domitille

  Porcheron, Raoul Ruiz.

- Catalog «Révélation» with texts of  Gilbert Lascault and 

  Marie Domitille Porcheron, 1990.

- Catalog «Dix ans après» with a text of Alain Lemetayer, 1990.

- Catalog «Portraits» with texts of Jean Claude Bélégou,

  Démosthène Davvetas, Alain Fleischer, Richard Fournet, 

  Gilbert Lascault, Jean Claude Lemagny, Gabriel Matzneff,

  Alain Lemetayer, Pierre Restany, Gerard Xuriguera, 1994.

- Book «Chimère» of  Zingaro with Marc Enguerand with a

  text  of Françoise Gründ, 1995.


- Book «Chamane» about the film of Bartabas with a text of

  Michel Boujut, éditions Medianes, 1996.          


- Book «Eclipse» de Zingaro with a text of Francoise Gründ,



- Catalog «Images et Structures» avec des textes de Régis

  Durand, Gilbert Lascault,Marie Domitille Porcheron, 1998.   


- Book «Histoires Naturelles» with a text of Jean Claude

  Bélégou, 1999.


- Book «Triptyk» of Zingaro with texts of Françoise Gründ and

  d’André Velter, 2000.

- Book «L’art du nu» of Crazy Horse with a text of de Gilbert

  Lascault, 2001.


- Catalog «meurs, ressucite», Antoine Poupel and Vladimir

  Bryliakov, with a text of Emmanuel Daydé, Paris Audiovisuel

  editions, 2001.


- Book «Illusion et érotisme de Paris», museum of 

   photography of city Tokyo, 2002.

- Objet book, « Rose ouverte », with texts of Gilbert Lascault,

   L’Art Pénultième éditions 2002.


- Book «Loungta» of Zingaro, with texts of Françoise Gründ

  and d’André Velter, 2003.


- Book «Histoire naturelle des peaux», 2003.


- Catalog «Portraits», Yokohama, 2005.


- Catalog «Portraits», Tokyu departement store, Tokyo, 2006.


- Book «Battuta» of Zingaro, with texts of Françoise Gründ

  and  d’André Velter , 2006.


- Book «Antoine Poupel, photographie Zingaro» aux éditions    du chêne, text of Bartabas, 2007.


- Catalog «Saison5» with a text of Richard Collasse, 2008.


- Book, «Crazy Inside», éditions du chêne, 2011


- Catalog « Portraits », Colas, Paris, 2012


- Objet book, « Un cinquième climat », with texts of Gilbert 

   Lascault, Akié Arrichi edition, 2014.


- Objet book, « De quoi parlent les chimpanzés », with a text     of Boris Cyrulnik, Les cent une editions, 2016.


Antoine POUPEL - Baudoin Lebon 
Photography. Antoine POUPEL. Crazy Horse 8. Photography Prise de vue argentique, tirage pigmentaire ... 1984-1985 : Resident at the French Academy in Rome.

Antoine Poupel | Crazy Inside
Galerie Jean Michel Berlin
Aug 31, 2017 

Antoine Poupel
The Eye of Photography Magazine
To celebrate the year of the horse, the A.R.T. foundation and  curator Caroline Trausch present HORSE, the first artistic duo between the French photographer Antoine Poupel and the Japanese butoh dancer Taketeru Kudo.

Antoine Poupel | Crazy Inside
Galerie Jean Michel Berlin
Aug 31, 2017 

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