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crazy inside

In 1990, Antoine Poupel met Alain Bernardin, the founder of the world-famous Parisian cabaret “Crazy Horse”. Impressed by the artist’s empathy, Alain Bernardin opened the doors of his brilliant cabaret, and above all that of the holy place behind the scenes, where the dancers prepare themselves. He was the only man who had access to the back stage

area. The series of photographs “Crazy Inside” invites you to a photographic journey

in front of and behind the scenes of Crazy Horse Paris.

Situations are held on photographically during the rehearsals, the show and in the backstage area. The viewer gets an intimate impression of the world of the dancers. The photos can also be seen in several books about Crazy Horse Paris, among others in “Crazy Inside”(French), paperback – 2nd November 2011, by Antoine Poupel and Corinne Decottignies”.


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